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We are committed to environmental sustainability All of our wood flooring products are responsibly sourced and are certified by the FSC. Walk on your floor of fame, rather than floor of shame! Guilt-free flooring is vital to our company and is what we stand for. We...

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Inspirational reclaimed wood furniture that VFS loves

Here at Versatile we are all about sustainability and we are committed to protecting the environment. If we have the opportunity to restore wood flooring then we will, but why should it stop there? Take a look at our reclaimed-wood internet finds for inspiration! Have...

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The Top 5 Trends of 2016

Struggling to agree on which real wood flooring to have in your home? It is no secret that there are A LOT to choose from! Here are our favourites of this year so far GREY OAK It's not only grey flooring, but grey EVERYTHING is all the rage in Britain at the moment....

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5 inspiring wood floors from around the world

Looking to invest in a new floor? Here’s some inspiring hard wood craftsmanship from the web: 1) The most inviting hardwood kitchen layout we’ve seen for a while   2) This raised, dark wood dinner-setting   3) This incredible hard wood floor compliment to a...

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