Sanding, Finishing & Restoration

Sanding, Finishing & Restoration

Do you already have a wood floor which you think could be brought back to life? Well, this is what we love doing. We are committed to sustainability so if we get the opportunity to restore an older wood flooring and make it look brand new then we will. The wood floor restoration process is a highly skilled practice and requires professional expertise. Please get in touch with us now if you are considering restoration.


Wood floor sanding is the first stage in the restoration process; it allows preparation of the timber surface.  Sanding removes the ‘old’ protective layer of your wood floor and makes the surface smooth, clean and prepared for the new finish.

Wood floor sanding is an integral part of our floor restoration service. This includes light and deep sanding of all types of wood flooring. Using the latest dust-free sanding machines, we can achieve a virtually dust-free experience making is easier and more bearable for you to work around.


Once your wood floor has been sanded back to the original bare wood and we have filled any gaps, we can if required, apply a stain of your choice. Staining can be used to create stunning colour and depth to the floor whilst keeping the specific wood grain and patterns the same.

We have an extensive range of stain colours available so that you can completely personalise and transform your wooden floor. The floor will then be finished in either and lacquer or oil. We only use professional, highly recommended trade products that we trust which have been produced by the flooring industrial leaders.

Bona, Osmo, Blanchon, Liberon and Rustins

Our wide range of wood flooring finishes include water-based, single component, clear lacquers designed specifically for domestic wear. We also have double component, commercial grade lacquers and a range of natural lacquers which tint the wood floor, leaving the natural grain to show through. Oils are ideal for the treatment of strongly stressed and strained wooden floors.

We can also stain and finish any new, unfinished wood floors which will give you a stunning, restored end product. Call us on 0844 800 9082 to book a consultation and a qualified member of our team will come and take a look at your project.