Leather Floors

Luxury Leather Flooring

Timeless, elegant and always in fashion. Leather floors are the ultimate in unique, luxury flooring. We have a wide range of colours available for you to choose from, in a range of sizes and textures. Leather floors can fit with any décor and any colour scheme.

The leather which is used in the production of shoe soles and industrial machinery is the leather that we use. Hardwearing, high quality, durable; it makes an ideal floor covering.

Leather has inherent insulating properties, providing significant noise reduction as well as increased heat insulation. Much to peoples’ surprise, leather flooring is a low-maintenance surface which makes it ideal for bedrooms, offices, studies and living areas.

Just like with sofas, leather floors are extremely durable and they improve with age. Any scuffs and marks will only add to the appearance and history of your leather floor.