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Wood flooring

Wood flooring

Wood Flooring Information

Here at Versatile Flooring Supplies, we offer a huge spectrum of wood floors which vary in texture, colour, thickness, grain and width. We employ a team of expertly qualified fitters who are ready to install your brand new floor when you are.

Our supply and fit service ensures that we know that our floors are fitted to the highest possible standard. We want to make sure that we leave you with a wood floor that both you, and we, can be proud of.

We will never leave a job if unsatisfied, and we will never leave any of our floor fitters onsite alone until they have endured strict training under our watchful eye. It is extremely important for us to continue our outstanding service into the future which is why our standards are as high as they can be.

Why should I choose a professional flooring company to install my floor?

Many people are happy to spend thousands of pounds on new bathrooms and kitchens but are comfortable to scrimp on their flooring; the very thing which you and your guests use every single day. A poor quality, badly fitted wood floor represents exactly what it is and can, unfortunately, bring the whole look and feel of a house down.

A badly fitted wood floor will also trigger a large number of problems. It is inevitable that it will lift, become gappy, split or even splinter. This will result in you having to spend another sum of money in either fixing the problems or installing a new flooring all together.
A professionally fitted wood floor will give you many years of wear along with our 25-year product guarantee for that extra peace of mind. Additional to that, we will also give you a full year’s warranty regarding fitting.


Our wood floors are completely cleaned with non-toxic products, and do not trap allergens like mould spores, bacteria and dust mites often embedded in other floor coverings. Dust mites contaminate their habitat with droppings which are potent allergens for many people as well as being a huge trigger for asthma.

Wood floors are incapable of harbouring or collecting dust mites and other allergy particles. This means your family will be at less risk of allergies or allergy induced medical conditions. As well as this, wood’s humidity-regulating properties make a home healthier to live in. Several health organisations endorse wood floors for allergy-prone individuals.