Struggling to agree on which real wood flooring to have in your home? It is no secret that there are A LOT to choose from!

Here are our favourites of this year so far

Gray kitchen Ansley Park
It’s not only grey flooring, but grey EVERYTHING is all the rage in Britain at the moment. This cool colouring is especially popular with developers of high end properties who are hoping to create a light and airy space. This neutral shade allows you to accessorise with almost any colour in order to impress your guests.
Kwinter Design
Dark floors are perfect for creating warmth in a room. The floor really draws the eye when matched with lighter walls and decor. Guaranteed to be a talking point!
Home Renovation in Buckinghamshire
Trends have shown that this particular type of flooring is increasingly popular with developers of larger properties. They give the illusion of having a much wider space as it’s less ‘busy’. Wide planks work well on their own or when paired with narrower boards to create beautiful and unique floors.
Earthy Modern
Sustainably and responsibly sourced timber is a must-have requirement for many people in today’s age. We guarantee that your sustainable wood flooring has been handled with care every step of the way – ensure that the company you source from is FSC Certified!
The use of wood flooring in kitchens is increasing rapidly as customers realise it is a perfect alternative to tiles laminate or vinyl flooring. Wood flooring is more durable that other flooring types and if it is looked after, it can last for a lifetime. Wood flooring is also warmer, easier to clean and can even make your kitchen look bigger!

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