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Vinyl flooring is incredibly hardwearing, durable and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It is the ultimate deluxe in vinyl flooring and it can create a real impact in any home, office or showroom.

The product spectrum creates the most inspirational, stylish and technically advanced looks in wood, stone and abstract effect flooring. Possibilities are endless with Amtico.

With a lengthy 20-year residential product warranty, Amtico is one of the most resilient floor coverings available on the market. Amtico is suitable for many different environments; including retail, commercial and home use.

As well as offering Luxury Vinyl flooring, we also offer a wide range of great quality, affordable Vinyl flooring. Check out our gallery for some inspiration!

Below is a selection of vinyl both inspired by wood and inspired by stone. If any of these products are of interest to you, please contact us today on 01277 203855 to arrange a free consultation and quotation with one of our expert fitters.


VGW84T – Birch

KP105 – White Painted Oak

LLP92 – Country Oak

RP98 – Limed Linen Oak

KP55 – Pear

AP01 – Blond Oak

VGW50T – Macrocapra

KP68 – Shannon Oak

CP4503 – Arezzo

KP39 – Warm Oak

WP315 – Aurum

VGW83T – Frosted Birch

RP97 – Limed Jute

VGW54T – Christchurch

VGW91T – Tawny Oak

VGW80T – White Washed

KP51 – Arctic Driftwood

KP94 – Pale Limed Oak

VGW522 – Auckland Oak

VGW71T – Reclaimed Maple

LLP94 – Newport

LLP108 – Providence

WP314 – Cera

LLP304 – Weathered Heart

LLP317 – Lemon Oak

CP4505 – Crespina

LLP99 – Hudson

LLP109 – Stamford

LLP110 – Burlington

Ap04 – Sundown Oak

LLP311 – Tasmanian

KP32 – Sycamore

LLP101 – Traditional Oak

KP99 – Lime Washed Oak

RP11 – American Oak

WP311 – Grano

WP312 – Palleo

RP103 – Harvest Oak

VGW94T – Honey Oak

WP412 – Primo

LLP307 – Neutral Oak

AP06 – Morning Oak

AP02 – Auburn Oak

AP05 – Spanish Cherry

WP318 – Carbo

LLP306 – Pearl Oak

CP4508 – Sorano

RP102 – Natural Oak

WP411 – Niveus

RL01 – Spring Oak

VGW85T – French Oak

LLP113 – Cambridge

RP90 – Fresco Light

KP40 – American Oak

LLP105 – Vintage Timber

RP90 – Fresco Light

KP96 – Mid Limed

AP31 – Russet Oak

LLP302 – Raven Oak

AP03 – Black Oak


ST11 – York Stone

ST5 – Soapstone

SP111 – Luna

LST03 – Piazza

LM16 – Fiore

CT4303 – Pienza

CER20 – Cambric

LM08 – Caldera

MS2 – Navarra

MX95 – Ancient Onyx

ST10 – Damas Stone

T98 – Cara

ST9 – Linton Stone

SP211 Mico

LST04ST – Spirito LST

LST02 – Sienna

LM03 – Alderney

CT4302 – Murlo

CER21 – Sindon

LM09 – Gallatin

MS1 – Galician Quartz

MX97 – Venetian Blue

ST12 – Bath Stone

T90 – Carrara

ST8 – Balin Stone

SP113 – Nimbus

LST04 – Spirito

LM17 – Washburn

LLT202 – Indiana

CC04 – Alabaster

LLT201 – Colorado

LM15 – Otono

MX92 – Umbrian Nero

MX98 – Adriatic Blue

ST13 – Portland Stone

T99 – Rona

SP212 – Terra

SP112 – Solis

LST03ST – Piazza LST

LM16 – Clip Fiore

LM01 – Jersey

CER15 – Dune

LM06 – Canberra

MLC07 – Comet

MX93 – Neopolitan Brick

SP115 – Nero

T88 – Onyx

CER11 – Molten

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